Mothership's recipe to a successful remote team: processes and excellent tools

Just recently launched, Mothership is creating an ecosystem of accessible financial products and services to give every market participant full control of their asset regardless of their background or location. The growing team of 18 is distributed across their HQ in Tallin, Estonia and the rest of the world from Europe, to the US, to Asia, and to Africa. Alex leads the Customer Success team at Mothership and told us about:

  • How the team works fully distributed
  • Why choosing the right remote tools is essential to their goal

It's never too early to create processes

For the past 6 months, the team has been welcoming new members from all over the world. Alex is convinced that even when you're a team of 10, it's never too early to create organization and collaboration processes. In fact, Alex believes being a remote team forces you to think about these things earlier on.

“From the very beginning I insisted that it's important to introduce structures and processes because it makes scaling and team growth so much easier” —Aleksandar Lazarević, Head of Sustomer Success at Mothership

And their values as the team grows are a result of these thought-out processes:

  • Communication: they're committed to communicating their goals very clearly
  • Constant learning: all new knowledge is shared, bringing the whole team to the same level
  • Continual improvement: all details matter and there's always room for improvement

Scaling this culture as a team of digital nomads, based across time zones, works with efficient tools and structuret. For Alex and his colleagues, the starting point was to create one place where knowledge would be shared, structured and retrievable. Because although they were using Slack for direct communication, "it's not a place for knowledge", explained Alex.

The right tool for ambitious goals

When they found Slite, it felt like a natural place to create this internal wiki they envisioned. Alex started to put all his team's knowledge in it, and whenever he hired someone new, he on boarded him/her via Slite. A perfect way to test the efficiency of Slite and to witness how his team would adopt it.

“Slite actively promotes remote culture through asynchronous communication and exchange of ideas” —Aleksandar Lazarević, Head of Sustomer Success at Mothership

It was a success, and Alex explains below why and how Slite has become a valuable place for everyone on his team to comment, collaborate and communicate with what's going on at Mothership:

  • Transparency: "Our notes are public and visible by default, encouraging the team to exchange ideas regardless of their time zone. Slite actively promotes remote culture through asynchronous communication."
  • Ease of use: "We use one channel for our procedures and documents, the structure is simple, and we waste no time on navigation and search."
  • Focus: "We focus on our tasks because Slite is our source of truth and we know where to check if questions come up."
  • Efficiency: "Remote team means more meetings. But we always come prepared with notes in Slite ahead of meetings to make sure they're short, to the point, and save everyone's time."

Mothership's team values will undoubtedly evolve as they grow but coming up with their processes and reflecting on their team culture has been invaluable to their success as a distributed team, and those have become a basis for their future growth 🚀 !

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