Slite, Slack, Asana: when and why to use them all

A decision-maker, a chat app, and a task manager walk into a bar...

Slite, Slack, Asana: when and why to use them all

A decision-maker, a chat app, and a task manager walk into a bar...

Last updated
November 14, 2022
Written by
Melanie Broder
Artwork by
Aron Leah

Let's cut to the chase: remote teams, especially startups, are slowed down by process. In an environment where all team members have to work quickly and independently, following a set of rules to launch a project takes up precious time and brainspace.

We realize that building a product often just introduces more complexity. And even though we think Slite Discussions solves an obvious blocker for remote teams, decision-making, it might just look another tool you have to learn, another process.

So, we wanted to quickly break down a set of guidelines for how Discussions fits into existing remote workflows by putting it into the context of tools that might be a little more familiar to remote teams: Slack and Asana.

Hopefully, you'll see how Discussions can make your remote work flow better, and more flexibly, without adding complexity.

Use a decision-maker like Slite Discussions when:

  • You need to bring several people together to solve a problem
  • You want to do so asynchronously

Use a chat app like Slack when:

  • You need an answer now
  • The majority of your team is online and available, and you want to do so synchronously (via chat or huddle🎧)
💡 Check out The Slow Slack Manifesto for more async Slack tips

Use a task manager like Asana when:

  • You want to break down large projects and make decisions incrementally
  • You only need to discuss via highly contextualized comments on the tasks themselves
  • You have a task manager that's specific to your work and department (Linear for Product teams, Github Issues for Devs, Ashby for HR, etc)

Learn more about Slite Discussions in this short video:

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Written by

Melanie Broder is on the Marketing team at Slite, where she works on all things content. She helps Slite users gain new skills through guides, templates, and videos. She lives in New York City, where she likes to read novels and run loops around Central Park.

Artwork by

Aron Leah is an illustrator and designer, who can usually be found thinking up new ways to clear his mind over a cup of coffee and has yet to realise the irony in that. His work is informed by an enthusiasm for uncovering meaning and emotion to develop ideas.

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Slite, Slack, Asana: when and why to use them all
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