Escaping the knowledge maze at scale

Leverage Knowledge Management Panel to keep your knowledge base up-to-date

Your knowledge base is intended to become your team's single source of truth, the go-to place for all the information. But the reality often turns out to be a bit different - outdated, unfinished, duplicated, or even empty docs make it a total maze. Instead of finding what they need on their own, team members end up going back to good old Slack or other synchronous ways to hassle their colleagues for the information that should ideally be right there in the knowledge base.

Role of a knowledge manager

To tackle this problem, companies are turning to knowledge managers – a dedicated role or someone who wears this hat among many others. They make it their mission to keep the knowledge base fresh and always up to date.

As we already explored, initially, your company might not need someone specifically for managing knowledge. In small teams or startups, this sort of thing often just happens naturally within the existing roles. You've probably got those go-to people who just have a knack for keeping things organized, sharing what they know, and working with different departments to make sure everyone's in the loop.

However, when a company is experiencing rapid growth, expanding quickly, or has a remote team with a heavily asynchronous culture, having someone dedicated to handling knowledge and making sure your knowledge base is trustworthy can be a game-changer. They're the ones who bring order to the chaos and help everyone to be more productive and work together more smoothly.

But their job isn't just about ensuring completeness and accuracy; it's about conquering the challenge of scale. How do you keep track of and update all those documents without going insane checking every doc one by one? It's like a puzzle with no lasting solution.

Managing knowledge at scale

That's where the Knowledge Management Panel steps in. It's like a best friend for every knowledge manager - no matter if that's your full time job or just something you do as part of many other responsibilities. This centralized hub allows you to maintain your company's knowledge base in a clean and fresh state without drowning in the tedious process. No more spending hours sorting through a maze of outdated, inactive and empty docs – the Knowledge Management Panel streamlines the whole process, making knowledge management a breeze.

We launched the Knowledge Management Panel back in September 2023. It quickly has become a time-saver for many customers who want to have a bird's-eye view of their knowledge base's health. At a glance, workplace insights show you exactly how many docs need attention – whether they're outdated, empty, need verification, or have verification that's expired. But here's the kicker: now with the smart AI-powered filter,  you can go ahead into the nitty gritty and ask questions in natural language. This makes the process of keeping your knowledge base fresh and relevant even easier.

5 ideas on what you can ask with the smart filter:

  1. My unverified docs with the most views
  2. All outdated product channel docs (or any other channel you're interested)
  3. All verified docs that [colleague name] owns
  4. All verified docs in design channel (or any other channel you're interested)
  5. All my unverified public docs

So, instead of drowning in the challenges every knowledge manager faces, imagine having a powerful tool that not only streamlines the process but also makes it a tad more enjoyable. The Knowledge Management Panel: your ally in the quest for a clean, up-to-date, and hassle-free knowledge base.

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