Slite in 2023: the dawn of the actual Knowledge base

2023 was the year of AI, and knowledge base will never be the same.

The best factor of success for a company: its rate of iteration.

While resounding success looks, in hindsight, like a straight line made of perfect strategy and visionary solutions, the journey is different.

You move very quickly through a tree of decisions and experiments, stepping back 2 steps when you realize it's not the right way.

PS - This story/reality image comes from Des Traynor.

Some of these inflection points are company-changing.

In 2023, we had two of them, deeply entangled, that fully redefined our future.

  1. Proving a first glimpse of the future with Ask, the world's first AI assistant based on private data.
  2. Changing our positioning. Call it narrative, product vision, or any variant.

It all started last year, at the same time. We were only a couple of folks online; the rest of them were enjoying a well-deserved rest.

Silly them, they left the keys to the crazy ones!

In a couple of weeks, we had explored all the insane doors opening up with GPT3.5 and welcomed back our teammates with the first prototype of Ask, which would become our future, and the future of Knowledge bases.

6 months and a public launch later, this discovery had fully reshaped our product vision and our roadmap.

The dawn of the actual Knowledge base

The promise of Knowledge bases has been to offer you instant access to a complete and reliable collection of your team's knowledge.

Have you ever had that? No. Too much info, not enough time.

But your new teammate, AI, can make it happen!  

That's what we've built with Slite all this year. The first knowledge base on autopilot.

After a year of work, your little AI teammate in Slite can already

  • Answer all your questions
  • Answer with verified information only
  • Answer based on Slack, Google Drive, and other 3rd party data
  • Answer when you summon it in Slack
  • Answer on 1 specific doc
  • Detect your inactive docs
  • Assist you to improve, reformat, or translate as you write
  • Reformat, correct, and improve a doc at once
  • Find related docs

It is a lot. But it's just the beginning.

We aim to build the most automated knowledge base on the planet, making this dream of a complete, up-to-date, and self-acting workspace a reality.

And all the above was built on top of hundreds other improvements and critical features: verification, Knowledge management panel, API, Zapier, doc loading time improved by 5x, new integrations, backlinks, translation in doc and translation of our app, new analytics, and many more.

2023 was insane. 2024 will be insane.

Thanks to all our users and customers, thanks to our incredible team.

We're on a journey that would not have been even imaginable a few years ago, and it pleases the builder in me more than I could express.

Let's make this dream a reality!


PS - Here is a sneak peek of the first full autopilot loop we built and releasing in January, getting automated answers in Slack.

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