All in all, should you get a Company Intranet?

Here's the key question: Do you and your team really need a company intranet to improve communication, collaboration, and resource management?

The size and setup of your organization are important when considering the need for an intranet. An intranet is a digital space where employees can access work-related documents, work together on projects, and talk internally.

As your company grows, the intranet needs to be more complex to meet its needs. Smaller companies might not need such advanced intranets. They should carefully consider their team size and resources when picking a provider.

Every company faces unique challenges in internal communication. A well-set-up company intranet can help by providing:

  • Access to relevant and current information
  • Updating old materials
  • Tailoring messages for specific people or groups
  • Adding feedback and survey options to understand the needs and concerns of staff

Using these features through communication tools can provide important insights to improve internal communication strategies. An intranet platform that allows every staff member to contribute promotes open discussions and active involvement, changing how people interact within a company.

So if you're considering wether you should or not implement a company intranet these are the main points to keep in mind:

  • A company intranet supports communication, collaboration, and productivity, especially useful for large companies, remote work, and varied communication needs.
  • Setting up a company intranet can improve internal communication, increase employee engagement with personalized content and social features, and manage knowledge effectively with centralized information.
  • Before setting up a company intranet, consider potential issues like cost and maintenance, user adoption and engagement challenges, and security risks for sensitive data.

So, when choosing between a third-party company intranet or building one yourself, consider these points:

  • If your team needs customization and specific features that standard solutions can't provide, think about creating your own intranet. This lets you control all features, design, and how it integrates, ideal for companies with unique needs and a skilled IT team.
  • If you're on a tight budget and need a quick, affordable solution, a third-party intranet could be better. These usually have many built-in features, regular updates, and support, which saves on IT costs and initial development. For a balance of customization and cost, look at third-party intranets that allow significant adjustments and can work with your existing systems.
  • If your company needs to scale easily and maintain effortlessly, third-party options often provide cloud scalability and continuous support, helping you grow without constant internal development.

Many third-party company intranets offer free trials, letting you test their features before buying. This is useful as it allows you to see if the platform fits your team's needs without any cost. Using these trials can help you choose a tool that enhances your team's productivity and collaboration. If you need a simple way to manage documents and boost team communication, consider trying Slite. So, go ahead and create a new Slite account today to see how it can improve your team's workflow.

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