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Build a company handbook people will actually read

Here's how to make a handbook that helps your remote team continually improve, challenge how they work, and be transparent as a team.


Forget what you know about the traditional company handbook







Make an engaging company handbook
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Forget what you know about the traditional company handbook

As in: the pdf, the outdated print version, or all those policy documents that people need to sign.

Write less

If it's long, people won't read it, and set it aside for a later time that will never come. A good way to write less is to stick to the essentials, remove the jargon, and keep things simple.

Let new employees edit everything

  • Newcomers are the best at pointing out what's missing and what's out of date—not CEOS or HR teams.
  • Invite your new colleagues to update your employee handbook's content, call policies into question, and improve your company for current and future employees. It also cultivates empowerment from the start.

Bring things to life

  1. With videos of teammates explaining processes and tools
  2. By adding an owner and a putting face behind each doc

This is so important in remote settings when you're unsure who to reach out to, or who is the reference for a specific topic.

Place it at the center

When made properly, the handbook can become the centerpiece of your company's internal content. Make sure it's woven into your daily processes, new projects, strategy updates, and important announcements. Keep it exactly where the work is happening and it'll stay relevant forever. Besides, new hires learn how your company runs by seeing it in action, not by reading about how it operates.

Make an engaging company handbook

What's sadder than making something that people will never read? Pouring tons of time into something that people will never read. Make the process easier (and way more engaging) by using our employee handbook template.