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Documenting is great - automating documentation is even better.

Unparalleled efficiency, that’s what we aim for. We don’t want to work more, we want to work more efficiently. Does that sound like something you want too?

We love optimizing processes, documenting knowledge, and basically just working better. But we know, that doesn’t seem so simple at times. The thing here is, that we have tried a lot, and I mean a lot, to make sure our workflows are as efficient as we can, and in this journey, we have cracked a few codes that we want to share with you.

We are going to see in this article how Slite and Zapier unite to supercharge your productivity. Whether manning the HR department, orchestrating product development, charting the course for sales, or leading the charge in Customer Success, if you are an optimization geek, we're about to take you on an exhilarating journey.

So, without further ado: below, are some exceptional ways to elevate your productivity using the dynamic duo of Slite and Zapier.

For People Ops: Onboard a New Employee

Introducing a new team member to your organization is a meticulous process, one that involves orchestrating various documents and forms. But with the assistance of Slite and Zapier, we can make this task both efficient and effective. The onboarding phase serves as the foundation for an employee's journey with your company. It's not just about starting on the right foot; it's about ensuring that your new team member feels valued, well-informed, and fully equipped to contribute to your team's success from their very first day.

In a competitive job market, smooth and welcoming onboarding isn't just a convenience; it's a key element in retaining top talent. You want your team members to feel confident, secure, and ready to make a meaningful impact from day one.


Step 1: As soon as an employee begins their journey in BambooHR, Zapier kicks into gear.

Step 2: It artfully crafts a Slite Onboarding doc, gathering all necessary information and resources in one place.

Step 3: But that's not all; it also generates a Slite Employee Introduction doc, ensuring a warm welcome and a smooth integration into your team.

For Product: Prepare the agenda for your next user interview

In the realm of product development, user feedback is a treasure trove. But collecting and managing this feedback can be a time-consuming process. That's where Slite and Zapier come in. We understand the importance of user feedback in product development, and we're sharing this to help you streamline the process.

Efficiently gathering user feedback isn't just a convenience; it's a strategic advantage. It ensures that your product remains centered on your customers' needs and responsive to their evolving requirements.


Step 1: When a new Calendly invite is born, Zapier leaps into action.

Step 2: And like magic, a Slite doc materializes, prepped with the ideal template for your next user interview meeting. This means less time spent on preparation and more time for insightful user feedback.

For Sales: Automate Sales Meeting Notes

In the fast-paced world of sales, time is your most valuable asset. Manual note-taking can easily divert your attention from what really counts. Sales professionals are in the business of sealing deals, not wrestling with the time-consuming task of note-taking. That's where the dynamic duo of Slite and Zapier steps in, ensuring that you can keep your laser focus where it matters most.

Here's the key: meticulous records of sales meetings are your secret weapon. They are essential for tracking your progress, refining your sales strategy, and nurturing those all-important client relationships.


Step 1: When a new Calendly invite graces your calendar, Zapier jumps into action.

Step 2: We retrieve information from Salesforce, which allows us to populate data into a document.

Step 3: The cherry on top? A Slite doc is elegantly generated, complete with the perfect template for your sales meeting notes. This means that you can maintain organized and comprehensive records without breaking a sweat.

For Customer Success: Keep Track of a Specific Segment for Analysis

Last but not least, is a key practical insight for Customer Success. Time and time again we see how understanding your customer behaviours, profiles and segments is vital. To be able to personalize at scale is one of the biggest hurdles of companies today. That’s why we thought that we’d share with you how with Slite and Zapier, you can effortlessly organize your customer data.


Step 1: When a company enters a segment in Vitally or Custify, Zapier springs into action.

Step 2: It swiftly generates a Slite doc in a collection, packing it with all the essential company info.

Step 3: When a record is modified, it automatically updates the corresponding document accordingly. This simplifies the process of analysis and ensures that you have a dedicated space for tracking and understanding specific customer segments.

Start Building

Now, isn't that a game-changer? Slite and Zapier, together, are redefining the way you approach workflows across your entire organization. You can implement these examples to supercharge your processes, or let them inspire your creative automations.

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