The power of writing.

How to develop the game-changing skill that will shape the future of work.

Have you ever read a book, a blog, even an internal document, or a step-by-step guide… and thought to yourself, wow… that was so easy to read, I wish I could express myself like that. Ten years ago, I used to panic in front of a blank page. My brain could only anxiously say in repeat: “But where do I start?” “How can I say this or that?” “Am I rambling?” “Is this grammatically correct?”.

Now, I know what you are thinking - “cool, then I need ten years to improve my writing skill”. Not so fast my padawan. Sure, writing is an art, and as with any artistic discipline, there are people that are born with the gift of weaving words into perfect messages. But practice, technique, and great tools (cof cof, AI ) can also make you a master. As you read it,  AI writing tools can surely do a great job at pitching a great document; but, my padawan: You + AI = The writing power of your dreams.

An article at Harvard Business Reviews starts off by saying, “Strong writing skills are essential for anyone in business. You need them to effectively communicate with colleagues, employees, and bosses and to sell any ideas, products, or services you’re offering.”

In a few words, if you had to choose one skill that's an absolute game-changer for your business would be, writing.

In this article, we are going to dive into the importance of writing as a skill, and I’ll share with you essential wisdom to take away and put into practice without delay.

Why writing rules in the world of teams.

Think of companies like Github, Doist, and Amazon. What's the glue that holds their diverse teams together and drives them forward fast? Exactly - writing has become the silent champion of their operations. Let's talk about why creating a culture of writing is like discovering a superpower for teams:

  • Crafting excellence: Think of writing as your playground, your diary, the place where you give a voice to what’s in your head. Treating it like a craft sets the stage for exceptional quality. You're not just slapping words on a page; you're creating a masterpiece.
  • Taming the fear factor: Ah, the dreaded hesitation to hit that 'publish' button. We've all been there! By mastering writing, you'll find the confidence to share your thoughts without hesitation, be it with your team or beyond.
  • Your growth superpower: You know what sets one team member apart from the rest? The ability to express oneself effectively and writing is the means to the end.  It's the difference between standing out and blending in, and it's often the ticket to promotions and recognition.

The writer's compass to sound decision-making.

When you write, you're making decisions with each and every word you choose. Imagine you are an architect, constructing a building with each choice you make. The question here is: how do you ensure those choices are solid?

Well very much like an architect, by gathering information about the context of  “What are you writing?”, “Where are you writing it?”, “To whom are you writing?”. Context is your cornerstone, ensuring decisions are sturdy and impactful.

Once you have the context,  the next thing would be to stay true to yourself - so cliché I know. But identifying your voice and carrying it through the message can be the reason why you keep your reader engaged in a world in need of heightened stimuli. Finding your voice is like getting dressed in the morning, you chose what you're going to wear to give the impression you want to give. So choose well, coherently with yourself, and consider the place you will be in.

“The things you write are competing with Reddit, family photos on a phone, and the smell of coffee brewing in the background. Unless you sound like an actual human to your team, your writing will be relegated to the pile of corporate-ese where people keep their taxes and insurance docs.” - Marc Cianni explains in the blog article A great manager is a great writer.

And last but not least, just in case you were not convinced, let's talk about that (cof, cof, tool) AI.

Yes, you read it. AI can be your Sancho to Quixote or your Watson to Sherlock. The confidant,  the companion, that will help you navigate through your writing decision-making endeavor. For example, at Slite we have the AI Assistant in the Editor: a feature that helps you write better as you go – fixing spelling, grammar, and even simplifying things. You can also ask it to jazz up your text, summarize it, or suggest a better way to express something.

Including AI in your writing process is a true game changer. It can help you unblock knotts along the way, allowing you to be more fluent and accurate in a shorter period of time. No, AI won’t take your writing skills away, but it will certainly give you the boost you need to keep up with the fast and competitive pace.

Four key actionable insights - Practical lessons from a writing guru.

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you the wisdom of a writing guru that have influenced thousands of writers: Paul Graham, a true writing sage. If you are asking yourself who Paul Graham's okay I'm not going to judge you, but you should go and check some of his essays here.

Paul Graham is an entrepreneur that co-founded influential tech ventures like Viaweb and Y Combinator. His insightful essays on tech startups and venture capital have left a mark on the industry. He has also deep-dived into the art of writing, and, in the next section, we've distilled the essential tips he offers into a user-friendly list of four actionable insights, just for you.

Conclusion - Unleash your inner writer.

In this era of digital chatter, writing is your secret weapon. It's your chance to shine, to connect. As you dive into this world, remember that your words carry weight. They're the force behind decisions, the threads that weave cultures, and the key to your professional journey. So, let your words flow, and watch as they shape not just conversations, but the course of action itself.

As the saying goes, "The pen is mightier than the sword." Embrace that might and watch yourself grow.

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