Do you need Enterprise Search Software?

Yes, you need to have an an enterprise search system. You might think building it is tough but It can be done, especially if you have a big organisation with tons of data to wrangle. Sure, the upfront cost could be hefty – think around 30% of your payroll costs. But the potential productivity boost down the line could seriously make it worth your while.

Here's the thing, though: building and taking care of a custom search system is no small task. Going with an outside solution lets you tap into all the bells and whistles and get expert support without having to manage the whole thing yourself.

So, should you do it? That's the big question! An enterprise search solution can seriously level up how your teams work together and help you find info when you need it. If that sounds like something you could use, it's definitely worth putting some thought into!

Ishaan Gupta
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Ishaan Gupta is a writer at Slite. He doom scrolls for research and geeks out on all things creativity. Send him nice Substack articles to be on his good side.

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