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One-stop collaboration for your best asset

Slite is a collaborative tool where teams can effectively work together to achieve organizational goals. It turns sharing, managing and organizing information into a retrievable repository.

Leverage knowledge sharing

Leverage everyone's knowledge by getting anyone to edit, share and update knowledge in Slite. Use comments, pings to get everyone in the company involved.

Easy to use and organize

Slite is an easy-to-use platform that anyone can use after a little training. Simply manage files shared by members or departments on the network and discover content your team is creating. The integration with other tools brings everything in one place.

Version history
Manage permissions
Internal links
Easy to use

Stay on top of your team's knowledge: try Slite as your knowledge management system

The importance of transparency

Using a knowledge base software, maintains transparency across every department when it comes to document management. The software ensures that everyone is on the same page about recent processes and activities of the team.


For an organization, Slite serves as a tool to facilitate the capturing of documents over the network. These are important organizational documents that only members can use to achieve the goals and business processes of a company. In addition to sharing files, users can take notes and organize their documents over the network.


Slite implements a framework to promote collaboration through the online platform and maintain an effective knowledge management system. Using it, authorized employees of a company can communicate with each other, make comments, and give/take feedback. This feature enables collaboration and improves productivity in the workplace and a smarter workflow.

Jason Mustian, CEO of Bloomjoy

Slite makes it easy to see what's relevant to your team. The interface is not overwhelming for your team and ensures that your knowledge base is always up to date.

Don't lose company knowledge: set up a team knowledge base with Slite