Why not(e)?

Why not(e)?

Laure Albouy
Laure Albouy Oct 18, 2017
1 min read

Whether it’s on paper, mobile or desktop, chances are you use notes every day to jot down anything: from your most mundane shopping list to your craziest thoughts. That’s the beauty with notes: they let you gather all types of content quickly and clearly.

So why not take that last sentence and replace “you” with “your team”. Bringing the note to teams means solving all their content, information and knowledge sharing.

Notes are adapted to all the content your team creates and by adding collaboration features, the result is a place where you can jot down your thoughts, share what you know and access what your team’s creating every day 🛰

Slite simply gets your team on the same page (or should I say note 😏?).

Meetings 📝

Remember the days meeting sum-ups were sent via email, unread by 95% of people? No more. Create a meeting note and let all your teammate instantly participate and access the key takeaways.

Collaboration 💬

The magic of Slite is that every single piece of content becomes collaborative and shared. Don’t think about it, just draft a mail, write an article, brainstorm: your organization can instantly review, comment and share all of this content.

Knowledge 📚

All of your team’s written content in Slite becomes tangible and shareable versions of their knowledge. The clean, dead-simple format of notes multiplies the amount of which they share with the rest of their team by 10000000. That’s the magic of Slite: when your team’s creating knowledge without even noticing it.

Give it a spin & tell us what you think! 🤗