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Slite set up
Here's a template to get you and your team set up on Slite.
Founder playbook
There's a lot to handle as a startup founder: from hiring to strategy to raising funds. Use this template to keep track of all your learnings, ideas and tasks.
Employee onboarding
Use one channel to prep everything for your employee onboarding process. Store all the content that should be accessible on the first days of your new hire: from office life FAQs, important information to catch up on, to first days checklists.
Your team is small but your ambitions and ideas are huge. Launching and growing your startup fast are one of the biggest challenges as entrepreneurs. Use this template for one place to share best practices, come up with the next resources to test and find your best acquisition canal.
User feedback
This channel template is a good place to gather all the feedback users have on your product. Craft surveys as a team, jot down user interview notes and improve your product based on the feedback you collect.
Customer success processes
Put best practices in place for your customer success team to successfully handle support, feedback and ensure customers get the best product experience. Log them using this template channel.
Team meetings
Jot down minutes of meetings in real time with your teams and keep trace of the key takeaways with this template.
Weekly agendas
Each new week brings a new set of tasks and goals to accomplish as a team. Use this template to get your team to give a weekly recap of what they've accomplished and what's on the table for the following week.
Development teams
Give your dev team a space to keep track of the ongoing tasks around the product they're building, write up cheatsheets and new learnings and share the latest product releases for the rest of their team.
Talent acquisition
Use this channel to get your team on the same page about hiring best practices and the entire process to acquire the best new team members.
Marketing team playbook
Use one channel to work on all things marketing with your team: draft your next blog post, share branding guidelines and imagine new campaigns with this template.
Stand-up meetings
Prepare your stand-up team meetings and get the whole team to record how their projects are coming along with this template.
Product Hunt launch
Use this template to prepare your next PH launch and shoot for 1000+ upvotes!
Product features
Keep one place for everything related to your product's features with this template for product teams.
Competitors watch
Share your analysis on your market's competition with the rest of the team with this channel template. Share your notes and findings via Slack or by pinging your team members.
Content marketing
Producing content is an essential part of a marketeer's job: with this Slite Shapes template you can easily share and update your branding guidelines with your team, collaborate your next blog post or press release and brainstorm on awesome content ideas.
Design playbook
Use this template to centralize the main design resources your team needs to perform. Onboard new employees and give the rest of your team an easy access to processes and material.
How Slite does YC W18
At Slite, we have the incredible opportunity of being backed by the Silicon Valley accelerator Ycombinator. We're learning a ton during these three months so I wanted to share the way we handle this at Slite with this template. If you're batch fellows (🤗 ) , feel free to clone it to make the best out of all the valuable knowledge we're getting & share it with your team.Cheers, Chris
SaaS playbook
Software's eating the world & the B2B SaaS market is getting more and more crowded. That also means the internet is full of interesting resources for SaaS startups. Share all your best practices and findings with your team using this channel.
Product team meetings
Log your regular product meetings in this channel template with the rest of your team members. It'll help your team know who's working on what and what the next priorities are.
Design processes
Document your process so that your design team and other teams follow every step of your design process. Keep track of how far along your project is coming and the next steps you should be taking with this template.
Sales playbook
Keep a clean playbook as a team to yield better results. Optimize your sales strategy, improve your scripts and pitches and gather best practices in one place. Use this template to encourage your sales teams to share all the knowledge they acquire from interacting with leads.