Slite for Development teams

Development teams must build on a common vision, capitalize on their skills and work closely with product teams.

Slite allows them to store tech specs, onboard new developers efficiently and stay on schedule.

Tech specs

Creating specs and reviewing them as a team is key in rolling out features smoothly. By following spec templates, tech teams can also facilitate interactions with the product team.

Slite allows your development team to work in sync with other teams involved in tech specs.

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When development teams welcome a new member, the onboarding phase is crucial. Having cheat sheets, tech specs and overview of what the team has achieved so far speeds the onboarding process up.

Slite gathers all the information new teammates need to access to get to work as fast and efficiently as possible.

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Retro meetings

For development teams to keep track of their weekly milestones, it's essential they stay on the same page on what they've achieved and what they have planned for the next week.

Slite gives the entire team visibility on where they're headed.

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