Slite gets Marketing Teams in sync

Marketing teams need to craft campaigns together, edit content and elaborate their product's branding. Collaboration is key for marketers to build on a common brand vision.

Get your marketing team on the same page, with Slite:

Campaign Management

Following up on campaigns and planning next campaigns is essential for marketing teams. Not only do campaigns need to synchronize a lot of moving parts, they also need to be analyzed together.

Slite empowers marketers to better coordinate and to produce shared insights on their performance.

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Content Drafts

Content Marketers, Community Managers, Social Media Marketing, and SEA Specialists all need to work on content for their ads, their site, and their social accounts.

Slite allows all marketers on the team to edit content assets collaboratively and to create an overarching voice and tone across all their channels and all their markets.

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Brand Guidelines

Brands evolve. For marketing teams to guide this process, and implement all its moving parts, they need to have an easily accessible, comprehensive view of brand guidelines.

Slite allows all marketers to work together to maintain and implement their brand's voice and tone to make it shine.

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